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Scene Study/Technique with Michael Camacho

This NEW Scene Study / Technique Class at the Elephant Theatre is designed to help the gifted actor / performer and the singer / dancer / comedian, who is transitioning into acting, to develop their technique.

We will build a foundation through observation and exploration of historical and traditional methods of acting, as a means of discovering the unique and individual point of view and a method that will be personally crafted by the actors themselves. We will be performing contemporary scenes, monologues, improvisation, and original works of new writers.

The objective will be to work on material that is both relatively new (for contemporary stage and cinema) and reflective of the kind of work that is of a high standard and exemplary of the critically acclaimed and award-winning Elephant Theatre Company.

Page-2-Stage/Contemporary Scene Study with Dave Fofi

Page2Stage/Contemporary Scene Study. This class focuses exclusively on contemporary plays and those up and coming playwrights writing the most talked about plays for the American stage. David Fofi, who is known for his no-nonsense approach and incredibly detailed and nuanced direction, brings his unique style to the classroom. Warning: There will be no walking on eggshells in this class.

This class is ideal for actors who want to work in an atmosphere geared towards live performance and refining the relationship and communication between director and actor. Class will culminate into a live presentation of the work created on the Elephant Stage. Sessions will include guest artists including industry professionals Rick Pagano.

Advanced Scene Study with David Fofi

A reality based approach where the actors work “moment to moment” from themselves, living truthfully in any given situation. Emphasis is on text work, breaking down the script and uncovering the subtext. David will also direct the scenes so the actor gets practice taking direction and being challenged to have the courage to express ones self fully.

Commercial Audition Class with Chris Game - Level 1

Designed to introduce students to Chris Game's On-Camera Auditioning Technique and the most common ways to audition for commercials: cold calling, group one-liner, one-liner in context, silent solo (one of the most common types of commercial auditions), silent group audition as well as improv.

Commercial Audition Class with Chris Game - Level 2

Designed to introduce students to the more difficult types of commercial auditions: a commercial monologue, a comprehension exercise, a silent solo (often a difficult and lengthy audition) and a solo improv; a one-liner out of context, as well as a continuous take audition which is often used in callbacks.

Master Class with Chris Game

A crash-course, designed to introduce students to his On-Camera Audition Technique. Chris will also speak about his Memorization Technique.

Iris Bahr Solo performance workshop

"Building your soloshow" intensive class. From figuring out your subject matter, to honing in on structure, to building your characters -- both on the page and inhabiting them in your body / on your feet -- and finally presenting a segment of your new show to an invited audience.

The class will help you master the skills needed for this very unique performance format that holds its own challenges, demands, pitfalls and rewards.

On Camera Acting with Patrick Pankhurst - Level 1

Preparation and Performance [Mondays]. Learn how to translate all your stage training into camera technique. Each week the actors will be given appropriate material from Film and TV. You'll prepare the scenes and put them up in class, and learn a film style of acting by watching your own work. Classes are small and everyone works on camera at least twice a night.

On Camera Workout/The Art of Auditioning [Tuesdays]. Challenging scenes from TV and Film scripts will be distributed on line and actors are expected to come to class prepared to audition. You'll learn a preparation process that will help you to memorize and discover material quickly. Our focus will be on making your auditions an arena where you can express yourself as an actor/artist. People who have upcoming auditions can bring material to class and work on it on camera. This is a class for working actors and is not a cold reading class. This class is guaranteed to challenge your approach to auditions.... and maybe show you why you're not booking as much as you think you should.

On Camera Acting with Patrick Pankhurst - Level 2

(with Patrick Pankhurst) A more hands on approach for hard working advanced actors. Each class you will come prepared to audition and film scenes from current productions. Actors will act, direct, and shoot material every week. We will also work on location as much as possible.

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